Security Guard Jobs in Dubai With/Without SIRA

Are you looking for security guard jobs in Dubai with or without a SIRA license? We publish urgent security jobs in Dubai 2021 with free visa for Pakistani, Nepali, Indian, African, Philippines and Sri Lankan candidates who have passed SIRA training. Well, the career as a security guard in Dubai is the right move. There is a bright future for security personnel in the UAE because every single small to medium business and large corporation in Dubai and across the UAE have to have security guards.

Security Guard Jobs in Dubai with Free Visa 2021

Security Guard Jobs in Dubai For Fresher

Most of the security companies in Dubai offer free visas, accommodation, and transportation. Security guard jobs are the top searching term on Google in the UAE.  The candidates from Pakistan, Nepal, Africa, and the Philippines are among the most preferred and suitable candidates for security officer jobs in Dubai. You can find security officers in Dubai almost in every supermarket, hotel, hospital, airport, outlet, shopping centre, bank, government service centre, and construction site.

How To Get A Security Guard Job in Dubai?

A security officer is responsible to patrol and protect assigned property, construction sites, shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, and enforce safety /security against the irregular activity. If you have made your mind to start your career in the security industry, then there are obviously some requirements and certifications to pass. Anyone can apply for Security Guard Jobs in Dubai with a valid SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority) license. There are often walk-in interviews in Dubai for security guards being held regularly. Just don’t miss the opportunity to find our latest walk in interviews in Dubai.

What is a SIRA license?

SIRA stands for “Security Industry Regulatory Authority“, Before 2017 it was DPS (Dubai Protective System), and it is a private security organization that supervises the security companies and security personnel in Dubai.

How To Get a SIRA License in Dubai?

A SIRA license is required when you apply for security guard jobs in Dubai. No specific visa category is required to obtain a SIRA license, but you can apply for any visa status. Anyone can apply for a SIRA license either he/she already has a residence visa in Dubai or just landed on a visit or tourist visa. To obtain a SIRA license you have two options to choose from.

  1. Through Security Company
  2. Apply your own

i) When applying through a security company

When a security company recruits you for a security officer job you have to get a SIRA license If don’t have one before. The security company will arrange all the paperwork and application procedures to send you to Security Cadre Training Center (SCTC) to get training and license.

ii) When applying your own

The second option is to apply yourself at Security Cadre Training Center (SCTC) and start taking classes. After completing your course and passing the test, you will be awarded the SIRA license, simple as that.

How To Apply For Security Guard Jobs in Dubai?

There are many private security guard companies in Dubai who looking for male/female security guards with valid SIRA licenses. Some companies in Dubai conduct walk-in interviews for security guards. Try to approach these security companies in Dubai and let them know that you are above 21 years old and have got SIRA license. Search for security companies online and submit your CV with a copy of your passport, a copy of the SIRA license, a copy of the visa page (copy of the visit visa in other cases) and other academic certificates if applicable.

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