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The sales and marketing sector is the largest employer in the retail and wholesale market in Dubai. If you are interested in finding sales jobs in Dubai then there is a golden opportunity for you because job seekers from many countries cannot come to Dubai at this time because of Coronavirus and if you are in Dubai then you can try your luck in sales and marketing jobs in Dubai.

Sales Executive Jobs in Dubai

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What does a salesman do in Dubai and how much does he earn per month?

A person who sells a company’s products or services to a business or consumer is called a salesman, sales representative, or salesperson. A good sales representative explains how a particular product works or how it can benefit the customer.

Sales and marketing is a vast field that covers a wide range of indoor and outdoor business activities. The monthly salary of a salesman in Dubai is based on qualifications and previous experience in the relevant field. However, a typical salesman earns about 2,000 to 3,000 dirhams a month. Some companies reduce your basic salary and pay a good commission on sales.

What are the responsibilities of a salesman in Dubai?

A salesman sells products or services using their marketing skills. Virtually every industry in Dubai needs sales representatives who market their products. Sales representatives for all sectors such as raw materials, pharmaceuticals, food service, finance, banking, engineering, and technology offer their services.

The salesperson uses all marketing tools such as online and offline marketing. Nowadays the marketing method has changed extremely. If a salesman is unfamiliar with internet marketing and social media, he cannot compete in the market with his fellow salespersons who are using all these means. A Successful salesman achieves all his given targets very easily using the latest online and offline marketing resources.

Most popular sales jobs in Dubai

There are plenty of sales jobs in Dubai 2021. As we mentioned above almost every industry in Dubai needs someone who introduces their products and generates sales leads regularly. These are the top sales job positions in Dubai as per the industry demand:

  • FMCG Salesperson
  • Supermarket Salesperson
  • Sales Executive
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Sales and Marketing Executive
  • Sales Associate
  • Telesales Agents
  • Telecom & Banking Sales
  • Retail and Wholesales
  • Sales Engineer
  • Online Store Manager
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Online Sales Promoters

Salesperson duties and responsibilities

  • Generating leads and sales
  • Develop cell action plans and strategies
  • Develop and maintain a customer database
  • Develop marketing and promotional materials
  • Online and direct marketing planning
  • Regular approach to new and existing customers
  • Introducing the company’s products and services to existing and potential customers
  • Build relationships with customers
  • Maintain sales records and generate sales reports
  • Respond to sales inquiries and concerns online, offline or in-person by phone
  • Check the quality of products and services provided
  • Do market research and market trends
  • Attend Expo centres and sales events
  • Monitor your competitors and market conditions

Latest sales jobs in Dubai for freshers 2021

Find the latest Sales jobs in Dubai and sales walk-in interviews in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates below:

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