New Driver Jobs in Dubai For Freshers

There are plenty of Driver Jobs in Dubai for freshers and experienced drivers right now. The new driver license holders are always desperate for Driving Jobs in Dubai. They need a driving job to start a new career in Dubai, UAE. Dubai is a land of opportunities for every newcomer in the UAE. The economy is booming, real estate and industries are flourishing. So there are a lot of Driver job opportunities in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Driver Jobs in Dubai

Candidates looking for light driver jobs in Dubai always prefer a well-paid driving job. And the salary for Dubai driver jobs is not a fixed salary. Salary is given to each driver according to his driving license category. A light driver earns 2500 to 3000 dirhams salary and similarly, a heavy bus driver and truck driver earns 3500 to 4000 dirhams monthly. There are several categories of driving jobs in Dubai, the most popular being:

  • House Drivers
  • Light Drivers
  • Bus Drivers
  • Truck Drivers
  • Car Drivers
  • Courier Drivers
  • Van Drivers
  • Bike Drivers
  • Heavy Equipment Operator

Duties & Responsibilities Of Drivers in Dubai

Driving is a good profession and experienced drivers are always in high demand in Dubai. The employers hiring personal Light Drivers, house Drivers/family divers, bus drivers, and heavy truck drivers are always needed urgently not in Dubai but also in other states as well.

Drivers are responsible to transport people, goods and moving heavy machinery from one place to another with good manners and in good condition. House/Family Drivers look after the whole family members including dropping and picking the kids from school, going to shopping malls, and picnic points on weekends. Drivers need to keep all the records in a good manner while delivering the goods to the destination. Heavy Truck Drivers and Heavy Equipment operators always have to follow the basic safety procedures and look after the people working on sites where they operate.

How To Find Driver Jobs in Dubai?

We publish driving jobs in Dubai with contact numbers and employer details. Dubai driver jobs today in Dubai are usually published on online jobs websites and local newspapers. And the Driver vacancies filled very quickly as soon as they were listed online. Because there are so many job seekers who are looking for driver jobs in Dubai. Driving Job vacancies are also published in Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, and other states as well. But most drivers prefer to work in Dubai due to high salary packages and other benefits.

To find Driver jobs in Dubai, you must be prepared all the time while search online or offline. Keep ready your all paperwork always. Make copies and PDF files of your CV and all other supporting documents including your educational degrees, diplomas, or certificates. Search the Driver jobs online and apply with your CV and don’t forget to submit your other documents PDF files.

It might be possible that you get a call from the company on the same day where you apply for a Driver job vacancy. But usually, it takes about 5 – 7 days to get any response from the driver job recruitment agency or the hiring company.

How To Find A Good Salary Driver Job in Dubai

Finding a good-paying driver job in Dubai is not a difficult task. Getting a driver’s license in Dubai is an uphill task. People don’t have enough time to run their own business and take driving classes. Because most people fail in the first final road test and usually get a license after 2-3 attempts. So most people think hiring a driver is the right thing to do.

If you want to get a good salary driver job in Dubai, I would advise you to look for a house driver job. Dubai House drivers earn 3,000 to 4,000 dirhams a month, as well as free accommodation and meals.

Courier delivery and auto bike driver jobs are also great options. These jobs have a fixed salary as well as a commission per delivery and tips are also available.

Taxi Driver Jobs in Dubai

In addition, Dubai Taxi is also a high ping job. But driving a taxi is not for everyone. This is a very hard job. You have to drive a taxi for 12 hours straight without any brakes and then you get your D target. Taxi drivers usually earn 4,000 to 5,000 dirhams a month, but if you get fines for traffic fines and minor accidents, your commission will definitely go down.

Remember that there is no basic or fixed salary in Dubai Taxi. You earn only a percentage. If you have made good money for the company at the end of the month, then your salary, ie commission, will also be good. Otherwise, you will work for a whole month and if you do not achieve the given targets, you will not be able to do anything.

Be Careful!

Note: There are some recruitments agencies in Dubai who find your contact number from other resources and call you for an interview but when reaching their office, they ask for an initial deposit from AED 200 – 300. And they will try to convince you that we are going to submit your CV to thousands of employers and companies in Dubai. So you’ll get a job very soon. Be careful, Don’t pay even a 1 Dirham, They are a Scam. They always target newcomers and fresh job seekers who just land in the UAE.

Latest Driver Jobs in Dubai For Freshers

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